The Plan

Pura Vida Amazonas. Fascinated by the Amazonas since childhood we now feel ready to make our dream come true of travelling from the west to the east of the Amazonas basin. We start in Coca (=Puerto Francisco de Orellana) at the Napo river, Ecuador through Peru, Colombia and Brazil to our final destination: mouth of the Amazonas River into the Atlantic Ocean. Thus Napoama is a composition of the names of the two rivers that will be the main course of our journey: Napo and Amazonas.

But it is not intended to be merely a holiday trip. We want both to explore ourselves within this context, to grasp the surroundings intellectually, feel the vibe of wildlife, landscapes and people. However, that is the receiving part of the journey. Along the rivers Napo and Solimões/Amazonas there are several settlements and lodges.

Being a passionate photographer, biologist and arborist Wito wishes also to give to the people along the way through Amazonia:

Digital photographs and video clips (incl. drone) for free use (if needed even a short edited film) made at the specific location

On Wito’s YouTube channel NaturaVista you can get an idea of his film work.

  • lectures on certain aspects of tropical biology within my field of expertise



-canopy biology

  • photo presentation of my AmazonasXπrience until the given point
  • treeclimb services may include

-collecting specimens

-explaining/showing to guides and tourists the rope climbing technique and work in tree crowns

-basic treeclimbing course for beginners

Since we fluently speak German, English, Spanish and a little bit Portuguese we can do the presentations in one of the mentioned languages.

On this website we also will provide useful experiences regarding locations and devices used to photograph, film and record sounds and of course to supply them with power under such humid conditions. Furthermore we will share some bushcraft techniques and equipment that we will use when camping in the rainforest. Even in the modern times of internet books are quite valuable and beautiful sources of inspiration and knowledge hence we provide a list with suggested readings.

We hope you enjoy our stories and find the shared experiences useful.

Feel inspired to follow your dreams and passions, whichever they might be, because they are the things that make your light glow and contribute to a better world.

Best wishes

Wito & Annette, los doctores

Find out more about us, the Team.

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