Written stories and knowledge on paper are great. You can touch it, you can smell it, you do not need electricity as long as you have the piece (or chunk) of paper in your hands, you do not need to darken the room and you can read it in bright sun. In humid environment it may get damp but you still can read it. Sometimes you do not even get it in electronical form. There are no worries concerning compatibility. And, it looks good on the shelf.

In that section we present own published literature and that of others. While preparing for our trips we often had to laboriously research in the internet for relevant literature and more often than not the titles were scattered across many websites. Here you can find an extensive list of literature related to natural history, ecology, geography and other aspects of the Amazon basin. Some are guide books, some are rather scientific books and articles dealing with certain aspects of biology like ecology and taxonomy/identification. Not all are in English, often in Spanish or Portuguese, but also in German. The body of literature is growing, the biome itself is immense, hence we constantly get new references, and thus we will update the lists every now and then, so stay tuned.

See also:

Adventure, bushcraft & camping techniques

Ecology, general natural history & geography of Amazonia

Identification fauna & flora

Canopy biology

Own publications

YouTube channel NaturaVista

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