Junglecraft is the adoption and modification of bushcraft and survival techniques to the specific conditions prevailing in tropical rainforests.

   We are by no means experts in bushcraft and survival techniques. Annette is a veterinarian, Wito is a biologist, treeclimber and nature photographer, deeply fascinated by tropical rainforests.

   So, what do you get here? Well, we will cover several techniques and experiences linked to the above mentioned fields. Most of the stuff we learn from someone somewhere and try to adopt it. In that process we make some experiences that we want to share with you.

   Our approach is driven by the wish to connect science, art and adventure. Thus we are interested in techniques that allow us to go on a few-person expedition carrying with us more than only one medium-sized backpack and a survival kit per person. Wito usually travels with approx. 50 kg of equipment, with treeclimbing and photography gear being the bulk of it. Due to this weight we have to maintain physical strength to carry and use all that stuff, but also the mental power to embrace some discomfort that comes automatically when being bitten by bugs, sweating like a pig and lifting the 25+ kg rucksack with climbing gear across the muddy river bank, while the rest of the chunks still wait in the canoe. Given this, energy waste has to be avoided where possible, longer resting periods are necessary to recover and nutrient intake should be as effective as possible.

   What is the greatest issue in tropical rainforests? Venomous snakes, scorpions, jaguars or ferocious tribesmen? Nope. It’s water. Yaku Kawsay – it gives life. Without this precious fluid life on earth as we know it would not be possible. And it takes life – or at least drives you bonkers. Unlike in a desert you surely won’t die because of thirst in a tropical rainforest. There are plenty of creeks, rivers, lakes, oxbows and rain, much rain. However, water being ubiquitous you cannot hide from it. You sweat and because of the high humidity your clothes do not dry for days. Your hammock and your sleeping bag get damp. Everything gets damp. The electronic devices do not like that environment very much and it is wise to include some break down in your calculations. The immense significance of water and high humidity is the main reason why junglecraft is somewhat special.

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