Ecology, general natural history & geography of Amazonia

Here you can find references that deal with more general aspects of the Amazonas basin like overall ecology, natural history, and geography, but also peoples living in the region. For most of the books we provide an affiliate link for The title is marked with an asterisk * placed before the author’s name. If you want to support us please order the book using that link so we get a small percentage. For you it is NOT more expensive. Many thanks.

*Baumann P 1990: Amazonien darf nicht sterben. Verlag Carl Ueberrreuter, Austria, 184 pp. ISBN 3-8000-3342-9 This book describes in German various aspects of the Amazon basin like landscapes, geography, rainforest types, people and the effects of modern life on the biome.

*Goulding M, Barthem R, Ferreira E 2010: The Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon. Smithsonian Institution, USA, 253 pp. ISBN 978-1-55834-135-8 Despite the term “Atlas” in the title the book is not designed to navigate through Amazonian rivers and roads. It is packed with many maps to illustrate the facts described in the text, the very good photographs support this additionally. The book mainly deals with geography, flooding seasons and ecology of the vast Amazon basin, stressing the tight connection of land and water habitats.

*Hovest Y 2016: Hundert Tage Amazonien. Meine Reise zu den Hütern des Waldes. National Geographic Buchverlag, Germany, 220 pp. ISBN 978-3-86690-468-2 The author travelled 100 days  through the Amazon basin and visited the different peoples and landscapes. He tells stories about their lives, the nature and the problems caused by petroleum and dam projects and deforestation for agriculture. Stunning photographs of a wonderful yet threatened biome. In German language.

Lopes A, Fernandez Piedade MT (eds.) 2015. Conhecendo as áreas úmidas amazônicas: uma viagem pelas várzeas e igapós. Editora INPA, Manaus, Brazil, 164 pp. ISBN 978-85-211-0135-2 In Portuguese. The contributors describe ecological processes in the wetlands of the Amazon basin and deal with the fascinating natural history of several plant and animal groups.

McCracken SF, Forstner MRJ 2014. Oil Road Effects on the Anuran Community of a High Canopy Tank Bromeliad (Aechmea zebrina) in the Upper Amazon Basin, Ecuador. PLoS ONE 9(1): e85470. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085470  In this scientific ecological paper the authors investigate the effects of roads on frog communities in epiphytic bromeliads, comparing these relatively slightly disturbed habitats with completely undisturbed sites.

*Staeck L 2019: Faszination Amazonas. Seine Menschen, seine Tiere, seine Pflanzen. Springer Verlag, Germany, 370 pp. ISBN 978-3-662-58327-2 The book describes in German language the natural history of the Amazonas basin, focussing on the likely-and-easy to see species of plants and animals, describes the geographical characteristics of the biome and deals with some large Amazonian cities and towns.

*Junk WJ (ed.) 1997. The Central Amazon floodplain. Ecology of a pulsing system. Springer-Verlag, Germany. Ecological Studies 126, Vol. 126. 551 pp. ISBN 978-3540592761 This book presents the results of a 15-year study of the structure and function of one of the largest tropical floodplains, the Amazon River floodplain. It covers in 23 chapters hydrology, hydrochemistry, climatology, soil science, and the ecology of various groups of aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals. The amounts of bioelements stored in different compartments of the system during the aquatic and the terrestrial phases are quantified and fluxes between the phases are described. The authors interpret their findings and the most important data from other studies under an integrating scientific concept, the Flood Pulse Concept.

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